How to Choose a Moses Basket for Your Baby

Choosing a Moses Basket for your newborn baby is a delightful experience with many to choose from in wicker or maize and we aim to provide you with all the information you need with reviews from the major manufacturers such as Izziwotnot, Mamas and Papas and Lollipop lane to select from an extensive range of baby moses baskets including bedding, sheets, covers and mattresses.

What are Moses Baskets ?

image of moses basketA moses basket is a wicker or maize style crib for a new born baby up to about 4 or 5 months in age. It is not necessarily used as its main bed (you'll probably have a cot or swinging crib for that) but is a portable soft bed that can be moved around whilst the baby is asleep or as a travel cot.

Most moses baskets come with a stand that you place the basket upon which you can put in the nursery.

They are very light weight with 2 grab handles so can be easily moved just make sure that the handles are strong enough to lift the basket up with the baby inside (if you are unsure, lift the baby out before moving it).

Moses Basket Accessories

As with most purchases your moses basket will still need additional items to make baby comfortable and here are the most popular accessories:

Moses Baskets Suppliers and Manufacturers

Buying a moses basket is affordable as many are less than £40 so this is a small investment to keep your baby snug.

Some of the popular named suppliers are Izziwotnot, East Coast and Clair de Lune. You can shop at most major retailers including Mamas and Papas, Lollipop Lane and Mothercase or online at such stores as Junior Jungle.

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